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On-Line Vision Tests

Monitor your vision or check and report results to Mr. Patel if you are having problems.

The most frequently used option by patients is the ON-LINE DISTANCE VISION TEST. You may however if you wish also check your NEAR and COLOUR VISION as well monitor for distrotion using an AMSLER GRID.

You will need Adobe Reader 9.3 or higher to be able to view instructions on how to use the ON-LINE DISTANCE VISION TEST.

Instructions for On-Line Distance Vision Test

On-Line Distance Vision

Report Distance Vision to Mr. Patel

Near Vision (Printable charts)

Test Your Eye for Distortion (AMSLER GRID)

Colour Vision - Ishihara

Click this site to test your colour vision: quick test

Colour Vision - 100 Hue

This test takes longer(5-10 minutes) but gives more precision

You should have a score (0-99) for each eye separately.